10 Reasons Why a Skate with Santa is the New Holiday Tradition.

Holiday ice skating events are aplenty this holiday season but skating with Santa should be your go to. It’s a great way to make the magic real and introduce your child to the man, the myth, the legend, Santa Claus. A skate with Santa event is going to make any Christmas season memorable but these 10 reasons will make this a must do on your Christmas event list.

Make a Skate with Santa Event Number One On Your Christmas Events List.

1. Santa in his element.

Sure photos with Santa are cool but that 25 minute wait in line to have a 30-second picture is hardly magical. Imagine spending 30 minutes with Santa! Our skate with Santa event is a great place to witness Santa showcasing his fun, jolly personality. Skating around with your kiddie is how you would imagine him in the North Pole surrounded by happy elves!

2. Pictures with Santa are better when they are action packed!

Yes, the traditional “sit on Santa’s knee” pose is a lovely photo but how cool is a photo skating with Santa, holding your child’s hand?! Get ready to capture wind in their hair, ice skates on their feet, and Christmas spirit in their eyes, plus the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on them!

3. Santa likes being on the move.

The best Santa meeting is one that Santa is actually enjoying as well. After sitting for 3 hrs having a hundred kids jump on him I wonder how much sparkle he has left in his eye by the time he gets to your kiddies photo? You can’t help but have fun when you are ice skating, Santa included. Take a photo this holiday season that shows Santa having a good time too.

4. Santa loves his fans!

The only thing better than meeting your biggest fan is meeting 40 of them! Santa waits all year making his toys and preparing for Christmas Eve only to arrive when everyone is asleep. Even Santa likes appreciation. A face to face meet and skate is just as fun for Santa as it is for your child.

5. A Skate with Santa event is a great place to get your kiddie on the nice list!

Being a kid is tough and I’m sure at this times this year they were actively putting themselves on the naughty list. Give them a chance to redeem themselves with the big guy and get back on that nice list before the big Eve. Pro tip: The quickest way to get back on Santa’s nice list is to fill your heart with joy!

5 More Reasons a Skate with Santa is Santa’s Favorite Holiday Event.


6. Santa loves to ice skate!

Did you know that Santa’s favorite pastime is the same as yours? Ice skating has been passed down from the beginning of time and even Santa is a fan. In-between organizing the nice and naughty list, doing quality control on all toys and presents, and managing all the Elves, when Santa needs to let off some steam his first visit is to the ice rink at the North Pole. Skating stress away and staying in the Holiday Spirit is part of the job description. Ice skating is Santa’s favorite self-care ritual.

7. Santa has an iPhone.

It’s 2018 of course he does. Aside from ice skating, Santa has been known to take a million selfies around the North Pole. He also loves to snap pictures of the elves while they are building those toys and add them to his Christmas collection. Santa is a pro when it comes to those professional, traditional Christmas pictures but he also is totally modern. If you have a good phone camera, which everyone does now, you can easily snap a great looking photo of your child and Santa on ice skating for your Christmas collection.

8. All those Christmas Eve cookies add up!

Traveling the world on Christmas Eve is not for the faint of heart. It requires stamina and athleticism that Santa has been training for, well, his whole life. Mrs. Claus makes sure that leading up to Christmas Eve, Santa is getting in Christmas shape. A skate with Santa event is not just a fun, energetic event but a training day that is helping Santa prep for his big night.

9. Santa loves the Mall!

A skate with Santa event at the mall is a great way for Santa to get some secret shopping done for Mrs. Claus. The elves at the North Pole are GREAT toy builders but when it comes to keeping secrets they are anything but. Santa may be able to surprise children all around the world with toys and trinkets but surprising his wife requires a level of CIA clearance! Santa loves coming to the mall so he can buy Mrs. Claus some secret presents without the elves spilling the beans.

10. Santa doesn’t get out much.

All work and no play makes Santa a little grumpy sometimes which is why a skate with Santa event is as much for him as it is for your child! A picture with Santa is a great memento but helping Santa gets his joy back is a feeling that will last a lifetime.


Whatever Holiday events you attend this season, make sure a skate with Santa is number on your event list. It’s fun for everyone and a nice change from the traditional, yearly Holiday must do’s. Skating with Santa is as magical as it sounds, so get your ticket now as Skate with Santa space is limited!

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