A Midwest Tradition: Ice Skating Lessons in Chicago

Chicago has many winter traditions like braving snowpocalypse, enduring below freezing weather and enjoying hot toddies, but if you can’t ice skate, your Midwest card might get revoked. If your Midwest card is taken there’s no telling where you might end up, Arkansas, New Jersey? Let’s not think about that. Taking ice skating lessons in Chicago is a great way to stay up to date on all things Midwest. Not only will it improve your ice skating skills but it will prepare you for the next Chicago ice age. Really, ice skating lessons in Chicago go together like you and your long AHHH when saying cAAAHHHhrrr.


Where Can I Find the Best Ice Skating Lessons Near Me?


Well, that really depends what you’re looking for. Are you ready to train for the next Olympics or are you just looking to be the best ice skating version of yourself you can be? The problem with ice skating lessons is… you. Hear us out, if you aren’t looking to become the next Johnny Weir though talented and fabulous then what you’re really looking for is basic tips, basic balance, and basic skills. You’re basic and that’s okay. Another problem with ice skating lessons is ice skating lesson prices! If you are just trying to get the youtube DIY rundown, then a 4 pack of monthly ice skating lessons are just going to waste your time and money. If your brain is at ice skating lesson 1, where you are learning how to fall and stomp your feet but your body is at lesson 4 where it is turning all over the place, then you don’t need a lesson package you need a quick start guide.


Where Can I Get the QuickStart Guide to Ice Skating Lessons in Chicago?


We thought you’d never ask. The thing about us, Indoor Ice Rinks, is we don’t just offer ice skating in the traditional way. We offer a modern take on your favorite past time. We do things differently. We skate all season long, all year round, and we engineer fun. We also know that when you are stepping out on the ice the quickest way to not have fun is to keep falling all over the place. If you can figure out how to use a new iPhone in 10 seconds flat, we are confident you can get some basic ice skating tips and can figure skate out the rest. See what we did there?!

Our fun engineers are on hand to offer basic ice skating tips for your non-ice skating lessons. We’ll teach you the best way to fall, how to get back up, where to put your center of gravity, how to stop, and how to glide. We are known for our ice skating stance…it’s really all about the stance. Our ice skating lesson quickstart guide is available with every ice skating rental purchase, for free.

Okay, okay, we aren’t that revolutionary. We do offer those classic ice skating lessons in Chicago as well. We get it, who doesn’t want to do that triple toe loop thing!


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