Ice Skating Lessons for Kids & Toddlers are Just For Cutsey Pictures.

Awwwww! There is nothing cuter than an ice skating lessons for kids and toddlers. Sure they are learning how to balance, fall safely, stop, and glide but really can they get any cuter!? At any of our ice skating classes for kids feel free to fill up your camera roll with the cutest pictures of your child ever skating on the ice. But also, why are kids and toddlers so instantly good at ice skating? Yes, kids can learn languages overnight and have taught you how to connect all your devices to wifi but how are they also instant ice skating pros?

Ice Skating Lessons for Kids Teaches Them More Than Just Balance.

It probably teaches them to be so stinking cute but we can’t confirm the science of that. We definitely know it teaches them about resilience, confidence, focus, letting go, and most definitely having fun. Emotional residence comes from falling and getting back up again and knowing you’ll get it next time. Literally, this is exactly what happens during our ice skating classes for toddlers. Even during our ice skating lessons for kids, they are learning how to fall and get back up again.

Our lessons teach them that it’s okay to fall because we teach them how to fall, and we teach them how to get back up and we do that over and over as many times until they feel so okay with failing, I mean falling, that they aren’t afraid of it anymore.


Ice Skating Lessons for Kids and Toddlers Turns Them Into Super Heros.

All great superhero have extreme focus; our super slippery synthetic ice rink provides that training. If you aren’t focused on your balance, you’re going down. Superheroes also have a lot of confidence; we see that when a kiddie lets their balance buddy go and takes off to the center of the ice rink on their own. We also know that superhero’s help others and we can definitely say during our ice skating lessons for toddlers that the kids cheer each other on.


Ice Skating Lessons for Kids are a Great Way For a Kid To Be a Kid.

They may show superhero status but the number one thing we see in our ice skating lessons for kids is the fun they are having, is definitely KID fun. Childhood is for making memories and it’s also for building life skills. When you can find an activity that does both, then you are nailing parenthood. How they build their skills is equally as important as where they build them. When a kid feels comfortable to fall and fail they learn that growing is fun. For us, watching them grow is incredibly fun, it’s magical. We know, it’s important we make their experience of growth just as fun for them as it is for us.

And you better believe we are taking all the cutest pictures we can!


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