School is officially in season, which means getting back on that school schedule. Parents, babysitters and nannies are on high alert for getting kids back into a school routine but also looking after school activities to squeeze in some fun. All season ice skating is the perfect after school activity to burn off some of the leftover energy of summer and keep the fun going all year-round.

After School Activities Need To be as Exciting as Entering a New School Year.

Just because the school year has started doesn’t mean the fun has ended. It also doesn’t mean a fun summer parent suddenly turns into an un-fun school year parent. You spent all summer filling their summer bucket list with totally fun summer activities, don’t let them forget how fun you really are! In the beginning of the school season there are only a handful of remaining summer activities you have time for that don’t require massive cleanup. Beach visits are kind of over, and sandy, and painting sessions are usually far from controlled. Fun doesn’t have to mean chaos, especially when trying to work kids back into a school year routine.
Getting a child back in a routine is important for both kids and parents. They help develop comfort and allow kids to develop responsibility. Routines without fun can be as disastrous as a bored child in the middle of summer. AH!!!! Your kido just spent two months off from school enjoying their summer. If they have left over energy it needs somewhere to go before they are able to relax into the new school year. All season ice skating is a great after school activity that can burn that leftover energy and still meet their need for fun. It’s energetic, free spirited and a great way to glide into the new school year.

All Season Ice Skating is a Great After School Activity!

A new school season is like, totally exciting for kids and parents! Seeing old friends, getting a new teacher, and moving up in a grade is part of the fun of growing up. They love the challenge of learning something new and are generally pretty excited to be back in a room with like minded individuals…aka crazy happy kids. New classes, also mean new friends and building new friendships. A great friend ice breaker can be a super fun after school activity. Ice skating is a great friendship building activity mostly because it’s so fun. Anytime kiddies are having fun together, you know a friendship is likely to develop.

A Fun After School Activity is a Fun After School Surprise!

The beginning of a new school year is almost as exciting as the end of a school year! Surprising your child with a fun after school activity is a great way to really keep the new school year excitement going. Everyone loves surprises, especially kids and surprising your child with a fun energetic after school activity, that they could bring their new friend to is definitely a way to gain super awesome parent points. If you're really going for the parent of the year award this year, joining in on the ice skating fun is a definite parent points boost. Check out our group discounts on our ice skating page and start writing your parent of the year awards speech. You definitely have our vote!