One on One Private Skating Lessons in Chicago!

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Private Ice Skating Lessons

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If you are looking for a little more individualized ice skating attention, then one on one private ice skating lessons might be right for you. With every lesson we tailor our program towards each individual skater to make sure we are going at the skaters pace. Some skaters work best in a one on one environment as it helps them ask questions, practice their newly taught skills, and move through learning faster.

Lessons are Great for Skaters Looking To Advance More Quickly.

Group ice skating lessons are great for beginner skaters or those looking to just brush up on old skills. If you are looking for a more comprehensive lesson program, a one on one lesson will give you just that. In each private lesson the focus is 100% on you, which allows our instructors to gage where the skater is at and what new ice skating skills to teach next. With more one on one time, our instructors will go back to the basics and teach pro tips to make those basics better so the skate is free to advance more quickly. After the skater shows improvement, our instructors are able to add in skills as well as skate combos to put everything together.

Is a One on One Lesson Right For Me?

There are a number of reasons skaters decide a one on one lesson is right for them. If you don’t feel comfortable in a group lesson, then taking a private lesson is a good way to get rid of any ice skating butterflies. Once you feel comfortable with your basic ice skating skills, you might feel more comfortable in a group lesson. Some people also learn better with the extra one on one time. You may also have dreams of competing in ice skating shows. More time with an experienced coach will definitely help you advance quicker as well as give you more insight into the type of training you will need to make that dream come true.

Free Beginner Ice Skating Lesson