The only thing worse than hosting a birthday party for your child that isn’t as fun as you planned, is attending one. Kid birthday parties are supposed to be fun, full of energy and memories with friends and family, like a skate party. A birthday party that is active and fun is a party your child will remember even after they’ve grown up.

A Skate Party is Super Fun!

An ice skating party is an inclusive birthday party where your child can laugh and hold hands with their friends as they glide across the ice. Our all season ice rink also provide balance buddies so party guests of all ages have the confidence to join the skate party. The fun is with each other on the ice.

Kids have a TON of energy especially around party time! Ice skating is a kid friendly activity that allows party guests to be as energetic as they want. Nothing burns party energy like a group of kiddos speeding around an all season ice rink.

An active birthday party also keeps kids happy. Kids have fun when their friends have fun and if your guests aren’t having fun, neither is the birthday girl.

Parents know, the only thing better than seeing huge smiles on your party guests faces’ is seeing your child with an even bigger one.

Skate Parties Make Birthdays More Unique.

A skate party is a really unique idea for a birthday party! It’s also an affordable way to ensure your child and their friends are having the time of their lives. Having friends over for cake and chips, does not guarantee a fun birthday party but a skate party definitely does.


Skate parties aren’t just for winter birthdays anymore, but for all birthdays during any season. An ice skating party in summer with hawaiian pizza and lays? A Frozen themed birthday party where your child gets to dress up like Elsa? I mean, it doesn’t get cooler than that.

Birthdays make kids feel special and unique parties make your child feel celebrated. Having friends and family around to celebrate on your special day is one of the best memories you’ll ever have!

Host Your Next Skate Party With Us!