Keep the Fun Going This Holiday Season

Bring your family and friends to skate with us on our syntetic ice rink and have the most fun this season.

Fun isn’t Seasonal and Neither is Our Year-Round Ice Rink!

The seasons may change but our year-round open skate ice rink is always ready for fun.


A kid friendly activity that can be enjoyed any season.

A fun energetic activity that keeps your child active.

A unique experience for a family outing.

An ordinary mall visit turned rewarding fun experience for the whole family.

Open Skate All Day, Every Day!

Two Chicagoland Locations:

Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, IL

Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL

Ice Skating

Looking for a fun year-round family friendly activity?
We offer rental packages for all types of family outings and visits.

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Our year-round events take fun to the next level!
Enjoy ice skating with Santa, meet Elsa from Frozen, or boogie down with our Disco Nights.

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Private Parties

It’s party time! Host a skate party to remember and get a smile that won’t stop. Book with us for a private rink party rental!

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We offer fun ice skating lessons on our all season ice rink all year round. Join in on the fun and take your ice skating skills to the next level.

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Skate Through Party Planning.

Looking to host the coolest birthday ever? Our year-round ice rink is the perfect place to plan your next skate party.

Who’s on the list?

We’re VIP. Invite your favorite friends and enjoy a private rink rental.

Party Food

We’re cozy with the chef. Choose from our catering partners or bring your own outside food.

Rentals on us

A party isn’t a party without a present. Enjoy ice skating rentals on us.

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Find out what the buzz is about

The Coolest Ice Rink is In the Mall.

Malls are known for shopping and dining but we are turning mall visits into a whole new expereince. If you are looking for fun you’ve come to the right open skate ice rink Chicago. Our indoor rink is made to keep the fun going all year round, that’s why we put it in a mall! Rainy days, snow days, sunny days, all days, all season actually. We’re open all year round for open ice skating during any season on our synthetic ice rink. Yes you read that right! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall we are on the “ice”.

We’re all fun over here! The moment kids and adults step on our ice rink, the smiles don’t stop. If you’re looking for a new destination for family time, think ice rink. Spending time with the whole family is always fun, but spending it on an ice skating rink makes it way cooler. The family time, not the ice:)

First time visiting? Are you ready to glide but need a little help skating? Don’t worry about your skate skills, we’ll make sure you’re having as much as everyone else. Our polar bear and penguin balance buddies are always on the ice ready to help any skater and keep them off the rail.

Ready for the Twist?

Yes we are different, mostly because of how much fun our skaters have but also because our ice is actually synthetic! Oh ya, you read that right, our rink is a synthetic ice rink. We know fun is a combination of things like good friends, great atmosphere, and a great experience. Our ice may be synthetic but our love for skating is very real.

With the feel of real ice you get none of the un-fun stuff, like wet clothes from a few falls, colds hands, or freezing faces. Ice skating is everyone’s favorite past time but real ice makes it hard to enjoy in the warmer months, or the weather doesn’t cooperate. Our ice surface is made up of high tech plastic pieces that really do give you the feel of real ice and let you enjoy skating any time.

Come visit our ice rink for a skate and enjoy some mall down time in our lounge area. We’ll help you find your perfect skate size, adjust your skates and make sure when you get on the ice you’re ready for a good time. Our ice rink is for everyone and we carry a variety of skate sizes. You can, shop, eat, and skate making every mall visit one to remember with a visit.

Fox Valley Mall Hours

  • Monday - Saturday
  • Sunday
  • 10am - 9pm
  • 11am - 6pm

Yorktown Center Hours

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • 3pm - 9pm
  • 10am - 9pm
  • 11am - 6pm

*Holiday Hours May Vary

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Complete Synthetic Ice Rink Turnkey Solution. Suitable for two locations.


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