Ice Skating, Games, Learning, and Friends Every Saturday

Join us every Saturday for a 45 minute group lesson and learn the basics of ice skating. After your ice skating lesson, enjoy unlimited time skating on our all season ice rink!

Using our penguin and polar bear balance buddies we’ll have your child gliding across our all season ice rink in no time. During each lesson we play interactive games that help your child gain confidence and ice skating skills.

You can pay for each individual lesson or for a month at a time. The more time your child has on the ice, the faster they’ll get to gliding on our all season ice rink!

What to bring?

Ice skating rentals are included in your lesson price. Wear thicks socks and bring a water. With all that fun, your child is sure to work up a sweat!



Per student
Ice Skating Rentals included
Unlimited Time Skating Included


For 2 or more students
Ice Skating Rentals included
Unlimited Time Skating Included


For 3 or more students
Ice Skating Rentals included
Unlimited Time Skating Included

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Sign Up For Our Fun Filled Ice Skating Lessons in Chicago!

Ice Skating Lessons are a great way to give your old ice skating skills a big time boost. Sure we all grew up ice skating, but whether you are the skater holding onto rail or the ice dancer in the middle of the rink makes a big difference. It’s time to revisit an old pastime but with a modern, city flare. We aren’t just your regular ice skating rink since we are an all-season ice rink, and we don’t teach regular ice skating classes. All of our lessons follow our Skate Now quick guide to help you get off the rail and into the center of the ring after your very FIRST class. See aren’t you glad you searched ice skating lessons near me?

We’ll Turn You Into a Semi-Pro Skater.

Emphasis on the word Semi:) We won’t turn you into a pro just yet but we will teach you the basics of ice skating which includes balance, stance, feet placement, how to fall safely, how to get back up and of course how to start gliding your way all over the ice. Our beginner ice skating lessons are perfect for someone who is looking to increase their skills, be able to skate around without falling, or impress that special someone on your next ice skating date!

Everyone comes to our lessons from different levels so we make sure each lesson is customized to the group and skill set. Once you are confident in the basics during your ice skating lessons, we are ready to take you to the next level where we work on turning, arabesques and other more advanced ice skating forms. We also offer private ice skating lessons for the skater who is looking for a little more attention and focus.

You’ll Learn New Skills but We Really Teach Fun!

Ice skating lessons prices shouldn’t interfere with fun. With a variety of lessons to choose from, you can enjoy your time on the ice without breaking the bank. While we love spending time with you, we feel that skaters should walk away feeling more confident and with actionable skills and tips they can use immediately on the ice. We won’t stretch out a lesson program to teach you things you should know and be practicing every time your skates hit the ice.

Learning is always fun, but we like to throw in more than just tips and tricks. Each class is packed with fun games, ice skating obstacles, and fun exercises to help you practice your newly acquired skills. With us, if you’re learning, you’re having fun.

All of Our Lessons Include Pro-Tips.

With the help of our balance buddies, the Penguins and Polar Bear helpers, we are able to help skaters of all ages gain confidence and balance quicker during their lessons. Our ice skating balance buddies will help you stabilize and balance where needed until you feel confident enough to start gliding across on our all-season ice rink.