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Whether you’re looking to brush up your ice skating skills or start completely from scratch our lessons will give you the confidence you need to feel comfortable and safe on the ice. Lessons are also a great way to stay physically active and learn new skills. Each class will help you advance your ice skating enough that you feel comfortable to have fun next time your on the ice! Ice skating is everyone’s favorite pastime and not being able to keep up with the rest of the family is definitely no fun.




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Adult Ice Skating Lessons

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Lessons Are Great For Those Looking To Keep an Active Lifestyle.

Ice skating requires stamina, balance, coordination, and strength and is a great way to stay active and fit while still having fun. Ice Skating is a whole body workout so if you are looking to switch up the gym routine or your yoga class try an adult ice skating lesson today!

What Will I Learn In My Lesson?

First we’ll teach you how to fall safely, since at some point you will. Ice skating for beginners starts with the basic model of what to expect when you get on the ice so you can feel confident in safe even under slippery conditions! After we teach you how to fall safely we make sure you know the second most important ice skating tip, how to stop. From there we will give you all the pro tips that lead to a better center of gravity, how to properly place your feet, and how to get the best ice skating stance you can.

Will I Improve My Skills Immediately?

They actually will. Practice does make perfect, but our Skate Now quick start guide is designed to help you be able to skate comfortably pretty quickly. Ice Skating is super fun so we want you to be able to glide around our all-season ice rink as quickly as you could figure out your new iphone.

Adult Ice Skating Lessons