Ice Skating Lesson for Kids & Toddlers at Our All-Season Ice Skating Rink!

Learning to ice skate is a fun way to provide a fun, safe, challenging, and active environment for your child. Our ice skating classes for kids include basic ice skating tips to get them gliding across our all-season ice rink in no time.




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Ice Skating Lesson for Kids & Toddlers

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By learning the foundations of ice skating with our Skate Now quick start guide your child will show clear improvement after their FIRST lesson. We know that to master anything, you must practice, a ton, but we also know that kids today are learning faster than they ever have! We believe that each lesson we teach can provide a safe and correct framework to help your child not only go out their own pace but get pro tips they can practice after each lesson.

Our Ice Skating Classes for Kids Keep Kids Active.

Keeping kids active is a must in order to ensure a happy and healthy childhood. Ice skating is known to improve balance, endurance, stress relief, build leg muscles and increase your stamina. Ice skating is great for joints and developing advanced coordination as well. Our ice skating classes for kids are also a great place to make new friends outside of school. We want each student to have as much fun as they are learning and we make sure our class environment reflects that. We teach ice skating skills, team work, and sportsmanship in every class!

Start Early With Our Ice Skating Lessons For Toddlers!

Ice skating is an active and energetic hobby that is not only great for developing those coordination skills but also for burning any excess energy. In all our ice skating classes including our ice skating lesson for toddlers, kids will learn how to balance, fall safely, and stop which is an important part of any ice skating foundation. As the students excel, we will add ice skating skills to help toddlers develop balance and control over their bodies and feet. Fun is best had when it is developed with a foundation of safety. Every ice skating lesson for toddlers includes basic ice skating skills as well as games to keep toddlers learning, engaged and having fun.