The Real Scoop On Synthetic Ice Rink Tiles and Your Business.

Synthetic ice rinks are a quickly growing business with loads of real potential. Ice rinks are a historical experience that everyone everywhere has experienced at one time. Synthetic ice rinks provide the feel of real ice using synthetic ice rink tiles with none of the wet maintenance that comes with real ice. See you later Zamboni!

Synthetic ice rink tiles allow you to get creative and can be installed in more places than it’s real ice predecessor. An indoor artificial ice rink allows skaters to skate all year round and your business to have year-round growth. Whether you are looking to put your artificial ice rink in a mall, shopping center, or common area, Indoor Ice Rinks can help chart your path.

Get help:

  • How to source synthetic ice rink tiles
  • Connecting with a synthetic ice rink manufacturer
  • Calculating the cost of synthetic ice skating surface
  • Space selection
  • Negotiating rent and lease terms
  • Installation planning
  • Installation of your synthetic ice rink tiles

With loads of knowledge and experience from our two successful ice rinks running in large mall groups, we can offer consultations on the entire planning process.

Get info about:

  • Synthetic ice maintenance
  • Staff training
  • Synthetic ice rink branding
  • How to market your new artificial ice rink

As a local US synthetic ice business we can make your artificial ice rinks dreams go from idea, to paper, to done with helping you through the entire process.

Contact us to discuss your plan about your next synthetic ice rink today and how to order your synthetic ice rink tiles.

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