Ice Skating BG

Year-Round Ice Skating is Our Thing

We took this family-friendly winter activity and turned into an all year fun fest. Our synthetic year-round ice rink allows skaters to have fun gliding around the ice any time of year, no matter the season. That means your favorite winter activity isn’t just for winter anymore but is here to stay all year long!

Enjoy Unlimited Time Skating

You can’t really put a time limit on fun, so we didn’t. With purchase of any year-round ice skating rental enjoy unlimited time skating and re-entry.

Have Fun With Our Balance Buddies

We want everyone to have fun skating on our year-round ice rink which is why we have our balance buddies standing by. If you are a beginner skater don’t worry, glide around using the penguins and polar bears and let our buddies assist you during your skate time.

Ice Skating is For Fun!

The first word that people think of when they think ice skating is FUN! It’s everyone’s favorite pastime and we are bringing it you all year-round with a twist. Ice skating has been around forever and is known for its health benefits but it’s mostly known for how much fun it is. Maybe we’re greedy but we think ice skating is a year-round sport and indoor ice skating definitely makes that happen. With an indoor rink you can enjoy ice skating whenever you want, not just during the colder months.

The benefits of indoor ice skating are numerous. You can skate all year-round, you’re in a climate controlled environment and you are unaffected by inclement weather. Even for those visitors who don’t skate but love to watch, our rink area is climate controlled and we have a lounge area. We really make the whole experience fun for everyone.

We’re From the Future.

We are changing ice skating Chicago, and for the better. We’re introducing synthetic ice skating which has just as many benefits as having an indoor ice rink. We’re so cool that we’re not cool at all. Our ice isn’t cold, it’s not wet, and there is no getting off the ice for the dreaded Zamboni to clean the ice. We don’t want anything interrupting your ice skating fun:)

Oh, we added another benefit! We put our ice rink in the mall so you can skate and shop, shop and skate. We made Indoor ice skating an experience that let’s the whole family in on the fun.
We’re kind of like ice skating 2.0. Indoors, synthetic, in a mall- that’s definitely an experience to remember.

We’ve covered all the bases to make sure you’re having the best time with each visit. The only thing that can make your experience better is who you bring! Ice skating is the one activity where everyone in your family can enjoy it. Grandparents, parents, teenagers, and kids, ice skating is for everyone. Bring the family together and stop in for ice skating Chicago!