Places To Rent for Parties that Kids Love and Parents Chill…

Mom sits at computer, searches best places to rent for parties that kids love and parents chill… Search comes up: Restaurants, Parks, Mars, Indoor Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks. 

“Hmmm, Restaurants don’t work for kids, parks require good warm weather… Mars, too far to travel”. Mom, scrolls down to Indoor Ice Rinks and clicks on picture of a private party page. She reads:

“Host your next private party at Indoor Ice Rinks at the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora and leave the fun, food, and cleaning up to us. If you’re looking for places to rent for parties, you’ve come to the right rink. Our synthetic ice rink allows kids of all ages to get on the ice and enjoy themselves throughout their party experience. If you are looking for food options, we will work with our catering partners for a culinary experience every kid will love. If you prefer to bring your own food well, have we got a lovely lounge to make that happen. Not much of a party planner? No problem, we will help plan your party with decorations and a theme to make sure whatever get-together you are celebrating is fun and unique. Don’t want to try your skate skills on the ice? No Problem, our ice skating staff aka fun engineers are on hand to help your kids keep the party going and give them tips to keep them skating all day long”.

Places To Rent for Parties

“Done”….Mom clicks “Come Party With Us” button, immediately feels relief. 

Private Party Venues Should Check the Fun-list Requirements.

Parties are fun, but party planning is not. That sounds like a Freaky Friday switch. A party should be as fun as the planing process otherwise the party may not be worth it! Any good party search starts with looking up “places to rent for parties”. Ideally a super fun list will popup but usually what does it the typical restaurant venue, parks which require a permit and dealing with your local government. Woah, now that definitely sounds like too much fun! Choosing your perfect private party venue is easy when you go down:

The Best Private Party Venue Checklist:

Is the party venue so unique people will be talking about for years…Check

Can party guests be active and have so much fun on their own…Check

Can parents or the host actually relax during the party in a very cool lounge….check

Will this venue keep guests smiling and laughing the whole time….check

Guests Won’t Want Your Party to End!

That is a sign of an amazing party! If you are right NOW looking for places to rent for private private parties those places should scream that sentiment. If you look at a venue and think “eh” then keep scrolling! Your first thought upon seeing your private party venue should be “ That would be so cool!!!!!”. We don’t meant to brag but that’s what everyone thinks when they host their get-together at our year-round synthetic ice rink. We just can’t help being so fun!

All of our private parties include skate rentals, use of our private lounge for rest and digest time in-between the fun and food, and of course our amazing and super unique ice rink. Music, games, and fun are always included in our rentals, not to mention skates for each guest.

You and your guests turn any place into a gathering, why not make the venue as incredible as the reason you are getting together.

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